Piodalan Celebrating Anniversary of Umalas Hotel and Residence

Posted on September 7, 2013 - 04:30 PM

Never realize that the year has come to a 3rd years since the opening of Umalas Hotel and Residence few years back and suddenly the hotel has almost passed its toddler years to a child that has learnt how to walk yet keep on running around of observing and keep wandering for something new. Umalas hotel and residence seminyak now is on its 3 years old hotel in Bali hotel industry that not just depending on of learning on how to improve guests satisfaction level yet it start to make their respective guests experience the comforts that become hotel's main priority and concern including to keep the sustainable, supporting and accommodating for respective guests' needs. On 21st August 2013, Umalas Hotel and Residence Seminyak staff and management celebrating the hotel anniversary at solemnly celebration that involved all hotel staffs for together worship event that was held at the hotel front courtyard. Celebration including luncheon together with the owner of the hotel and hotel staffs that performing ritual dances prior to commencing the worship and celebration.

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